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How does the Double Word Generator work?

In 2014, I downloaded a word list from the internet, containing approximately 108,000 English words. I cannot remember the source, and I did not write it down back in 2014 (sorry!). Double Word Generator was created because I was (and still am) terrible at coming up with names for songs, and desperately needed some help because, at the time, I was making one new song every week.

Double Word Generator has been re-written a couple of times since 2014 but remains almost identical - it downloads this word list to your browser, and when the "Generate" button is clicked, a cryptographically secure random number generator picks two random words from this list and puts them together. There is no bias (unless there are lots of a similar word in the word list file), and you can check the source code if you wish to gather a better understanding of what's going on!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any combination of words that come out of this generator. They are picked entirely at random from a list of words I absolutely do not have time to moderate one-by-one.

Hope this shines some light on the why and the how!